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At American House we are backed by 10 years of experience in the real estate sector, giving us a strong presence in the national and international market. All our properties are marketed globally, with a direct line to multiple overseas web portals in more than 126 countries, receiving 95,000 visits.

The group was created with the intention of offering the best service to its clients, thanks to the experience and expertise of our team, the strength of our partners, and our transparent and effective structure. We specialize in all types of property, and are the experts in exclusive real estate of high standing. Due to our focus on exclusivity, agencies that would like to enjoy the benefits of membership of our group must share this focus and be prepared to meet the most exacting standards.

The American House Real Estate Group brings a seal of quality and provides a useful information point – a group where you can ADVERTISE your property FREE OF CHARGE and with a single click, without sharing commission, without paying monthly fees and with no entry fee. This enables you to guarantee up-to-date promotion of all your properties through our IT system and its exclusive management, thus multiplying your vendors’ chances of success through access to platform in global expansion.

The American House Group will support your efforts supplying all legal guarantees and security.

Your sales targets will grow and multiply exponentially.

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